Visit the team website for more information on how to join the Kingfish Swim Team.

About the Team:

The Chevington Woods Kingfish Swim Team is a non profit organization. We are entering our 46th year as a team for 2021. We have won the Tri County Championship for 15 straight years. This unique team has members and a history of swimmers who are Olympic Trial qualifiers, National Champions, and All Americans. These talented senior level swimmers swam their very first races, right in our pool when they were four, five and six years old! Many of them volunteer as coaches for the Kingfish, giving back to the sport and to new swimmers in a wonderful way! These high level athletes are competing and sharing their love for this sport in the same pool as children who are learning to swim their first length, in their very first race! 

Our team isn't just about talent, it is a family! We swim together and play together and form lifelong friendships. Many of our swimmers are talented in other sports and most do not swim year round, but they come back to our team year after year for the swimming, friendship and fun that we offer!

Information for new members to join our team is at this link. Prior team members will begin to register in February, new members may register in March.